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The psychology behind the sexy Upload photos in Medsos Like Sulli

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The psychology behind the sexy Upload photos in Medsos Like Sulli


In Jakarta, many quarters, both adults as well as teenagers to upload her picture in social media, is unusual. However, what if the uploaded photos tend to be sexy? As did past members girlband Korea origin f(x), Sulli. He scorned netizen because uploading the photos that is considered sexy in the account instagramnya. In these photographs, Sulli looked wearing Nightgowns with cleavage which is quite low. Add to this the sensual expression. In fact, some netizen had questioned the mental health of Sulli. If I Choiza (Sulli's boyfriend), I'm going to think hard how to sever my connection with him. Sulli has got to the point where he was so horrific it appears, wrote one netizen as preached detikHot. Well, reserved adults as well as teens who love to upload a photo of seksinya in social media, what are the chances of his background? Related this, child psychologist and family from three generations, Anna Surti Ariani MPsi., psychologists say there are a variety of possibilities can aspects influenced it. A familiar woman accosted Nina says it could be someone the middle of drunken or ' high ' because using drugs so she didn't really realize what she was doing. In teenagers, could also pose sexy and then upload it on social media she did because it challenged by her friends, without him really realize the effect. Read also: Narcissistic It Self MentalAtau Interference Experienced Sign could be because he's looking for recognition. Then he could just do not know how to bersosial a good media. So she thought ' ya udah aja sih gue spread, so what gitu '. He did not realize the effect can be detrimental to his career he or the other, said Nina when talking with recently. Then, could this happen because the question is too narcissistic? According to Nina, it could have happened. Because, everything possible can aspects influenced someone doing that. But Nina insists it could not be ascertained before asking the person concerned.






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Narcissistic it's because she really admires him. Even so just wrote that he admired him. And generally, the narcissist is not necessarily reality, physically, she did good. It could just be someone else saw it mediocre but he considers himself a cool, said Nina who also practices at the clinic of Applied Psychology this UI. So, what's the difference between narcissist with too pede aka kepedan? Nina says, the original definition was a narcissus excess admiration on himself in which he also could not see the point of view of others. If kepedean Yes indeed he felt he could (do it), but not necessarily her narcissistic, pungkas owner of a twitter account @AnnaSurtiNina. Read also: Beware! Often Selfie to trigger a premature aging, skin So Wrinkles Quickly watch the video here: 20detik (rdn/vit) harga kopi hijau untuk diet


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