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3 Most Suitable Sports for Super Woman

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3 Most Suitable Sports for Super Woman


One way to be healthy is to exercise at least 30 minutes. In addition to keeping the body so as not easily attacked by disease, exercise also gives a good effect for the productivity of the body. But most, especially women are still confused to determine the right sport for him. According Jemima Djatmiko, a healthy lifestyle practitioner who ever won various fitness competitions, women have stamina or endurance is stronger than men.Perempuan is actually much stronger endurance from men. Because as we know, women experience menstruation every month, through the process of pregnancy, the birth process. It is obviously his woman's higher endurance, bright mother of two children dubbed the most fit females in Indonesia ini.Nah therefore, Jemima provide some list of sports that are suitable for women. Anything? Read also: 7 These great benefits can be obtained from Run1. Running According to Jemima, running is one of the easiest sports to do. Plus a study shows that running can help avoid a number of illnesses. Research also shows that running can improve the emotional and mental quality, even make life longer. Running is the simplest and everyone can do it anywhere, running is important, says Jemima.






Running is the simplest sport and can be done by many people. Photo: thinkstock






Read also: Tips Keeping Ideal Weight According to the Most Fit Women in Indonesia2. Lift load Maybe not a few women think that doing weightlifting exercise will have a sturdy body. In fact, in addition to building muscle, according to Jemima, weight training also strengthen the bones so as not easy fragile. Still have to lift the load, because lift the burden in addition to build muscle, to build muscle, strengthen bones, because women are prone to Osteoporosis. Of course the burden corresponding to the strength of each person yes, we can not maxain, says this 37-year-old woman.






Who says lifting weights just for men? Photo: Thinkstock






Read also: Want Body Tight Like Fitness Instructor? This is the Secret3. Running in the mountains Not only on jogging tracks, can run sport while traveling. For Jemima, passing through the panoramic beauty of the mountain when running can be a mental satisfaction. It's a recreation, so it's not just to be physically profitable but happy to see nature, so there's mental satisfaction, "Jemima concluded.






Run in the mountains all the way. Photo: Chuck S Widarsa






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