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Try to Apply Step It Sleep Time to Help Lose Weight

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Try to Apply Step It Sleep Time to Help Lose Weight


Jakarta, Except a strong will, the weight loss program can be successful Body by watching three components, namely the preparation of diet, rest, and exercise. If one component among uncultivated, Body weight loss programs seems hard to achieve success. Indeed, a quality night's sleep is not just one thing that ensures success bdan you lose weight. However, do not ignore also the main obtain good night's sleep and quality, said clinical instructor of medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, Alexandra Sowa, MD. Sowa likens, weight loss programs such as the Agency for three-legged stool. In that sense, there are three main components of the success of the Agency for weight loss preparation diet, rest, and exercise. With no one among the 'foot' it, so weight loss efforts will be useless Agency. Well, taken from the Prevention, below are some steps that can be done so that more quality sleep and can help make the program successful weight loss Body. 1. Sleeping with the duration and the time samaSetidaknya fulfill the purposes of sleep the night 6, 5-8, 5 hours a day. In a study at Brigham Young University found women who gain a quality night sleep 6, 5-8, 5 hours a day had a risk of accumulation of fat in the abdomen is more ketch. The study also reveals sleep at the same time by means of regularly can reduce the accumulation of fat in the body. 2. Strive room temperature dinginStudi related diabetes show that sleep with the room temperature is cold enough, Area 19-20 degrees Celsius can increase the amount of brown fat burning, help make improvements metaboilisme, and increase insulin sensitivity. However, apply the preparation of this temperature when you are in a state fit ya! 3. Turn off the lights and gadgetStudi th. 2014, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that women who sleep in a darkened room 21% lower chances of getting fat. Then, do not forget to turn off your gadget or gadget minimum away from the bed. Research at the University of Granada, Spain show that the content of melatonin (a hormone that makes one sleepy) that shrinks can give weight Agency. Well, the shrinking of the melatonin content of one of them as a result of exposure to blue light of the gadget. Do not forget other aspects as well. Eat healthily and provide esktra movement during exercise also become a key element in Weight Loss, said Sowa warned. Read also: to be proved! Diet and Exercising Regularly Successfully Create Yolanda Down Weight 37 Kg (RDN / vit)



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