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Secrets Lose Weight with Water - Kom

Secrets Lose Weight with Water - Kom
Researchers from the University of Brimingham claims to have discovered the secret to lose weight, that drinking half a liter of water half an hour before meals.
This refers to the results of their research which found that people who consumed 500 ml of water half an hour before meals reported an average loss of 4.3 kg for 12 weeks.
The researchers say this simple trick can be very useful, and easily promoted by health professionals and through public health campaigns.
Earlier, some adults with excess weight were recruited and monitored for 12 weeks.
Each participant was given a weight management consultations, in which the researchers suggest how to adapt your lifestyle and diet, and increasing physical activity levels.
About half of them were asked to drink water before meals and the other half are advised to imagine, that they have a full stomach before eating.
Participants who were in the first group lost weight 1.3kg more than participants in the control group average.
Participants who reported always drink water before meals three times a day reported losing weight by 4.3kg for 12 weeks. Meanwhile, those who in one day just to drink before a meal or even not at all, just average weight loss of 0.8 kg.
Drinking water is allowed only mineral water, while soda or sweetened beverages is prohibited in this study.
Dr Helen Parretti, clinical lecturer National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) at the University of Birmingham, said: "" The beauty of this finding is kesederhanaannya.Hanya drinking half a liter of water, three times a day, before the main meal can reduce your weight. "
When combined with brief instructions on how to increase the amount of physical activity and a healthy diet, it seems to help people to achieve some extra weight loss - at a moderate level and healthy.
This research has been published in the journal Obesity.
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